Fundz Performance

The Top Fundz is the list of schemes which are most investment worthy among the peer groups. The listing of the selected mutual fund schemes in each category is based on our strong internal research. We analyze the schemes on various quantitative measures and also do required qualitative assessment to ensure that the scheme listing is unbiased. Different Time and different criteria are used for Debt and Equity funds. However, these funds have a proven track record of beating their benchmarks while keeping with their investment mandates, do note that the past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Kindly choose the schemes which suits most to your needs.

FundzBazar Suggested funds


Equity funds seek to generate long term capital growth by investing into Equity and Equity related instruments. Ideal time horizon to invest into equity funds is more than 5 years.
Hybrid funds seek to provide a balanced mixture of safety, income and capital appreciation. Normally these funds invest minimum 65% into equity and rest into the debt instruments. Ideal investment horizon is minimum 3 years for Hybrid – Equity Balance funds.
Debt Funds invests Primarily in fixed income securities such as bonds, corporate debentures, government securities (gilts), money market instruments, etc with an aim to generate regular & stable return with low level of risk.

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